Alpen shows its mettle at international fair

Advanced drills.

New Alpen Sprint Master and Pro drills.

The new Alpen Sprint Master and Pro series HSS metal drill bits were recently launched by Alpen, one of the world’s leading drill manufacturers, at the renowned international trade show, the ‘Cologne Hardware Fair’. The resourceful toolmaker presented two new products to international exhibition visitors with outstanding results.

“We in turn launched them both to all our customers at our recent Vermont Sales Open Days and had demos running featuring these two new products, the Alpen Sprint Master and the Pro series,” said Vermont Sales Director Ryan Hunt. “We went as far as to pack a free sample of both products in case ‘seeing is believing’ did not work at the show. I tested the new units and my sales staff and the team saw them in action at the Alpen factory. Once again, we saw them at the Cologne Hardware Fair; the results were extraordinary – they cut through metal like butter with or without the use of cutting fluids. The feedback from the sample units also came back as one of the most positive we have ever had to drill bits. This new Alpen range is going to be all time winner, worldwide,” said Hunt.

Vermont National Sales Manager, Barry Irvine attended an Alpen international launch on the new units, “We all were given the new bits and a chance to use them with drills and drill presses. The bits just kept on drilling without any sign of not cutting or becoming dull after numerous holes were drilled,” said Irvine.

Alpen Sprint Master

The new Alpen Sprint Master is a universal twist drill bit that reduces drilling time by a third due to optimised drill bit geometry. This is made possible by the special Alpen innovative cutting edge. Another plus point is the drill bits offer a three times longer service life due to Alpen’s high-quality HSS steel. The tool undergoes a special heat treatment. The Alpen Sprint Master is particularly suitable for use in hand-held drills or for machining alloyed and unalloyed steel.

Alpen Pro

The second twist drill bit innovation, is the Alpen Pro, besides having a reduced cross-cutting edge and an optimised drill bit core, also features a point angle of 135C with a C-shaped point. Due to the special split point, it is faster and will last twice as long as other drill bits.

The Alpen Pro scores highly thanks to narrow tolerances and high concentricity and is ideally suitable for machining alloyed and unalloyed steel.


-Vermont Sales


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