Alcolin wood glue launches new innovative nozzle

Alcolin wood glue

Not only does the new wood glue nozzle provide a precision application, it also allows just the right amount of adhesive to be dispensed preventing wastage.

Woodworkers can look forward to completing projects faster and with more ease thanks to Alcolin Wood Glues’ clever new nozzle and all-in-one system.

 After spending more than a year designing, testing and manufacturing, Alcolin is proud to introduce a new ground-breaking nozzle for its range of wood glues. While the previous hook shaped nozzle, which prevented product spilling when placed on its side, was made iconic by Alcolin and became the industry standard, the company has always been the frontrunner when it comes to innovating its products.

“With the design of the new nozzle, we considered a number of improvements as we really wanted to place more control in the hands of woodworkers,” says Heidi Masters, Alcolin’s marketing manager. “The areas of focus included glue application and ease of use. The glue application needed to be done faster with an even glue line, allowing projects to be completed faster. Users also needed more control of the glue line, as too much time was spent wiping up excess glue,” explains Heidi.

Not only does the new nozzle provide a precision application, it also allows just the right amount of adhesive to be dispensed preventing wastage. Thanks to a narrower opening, flow is reduced into a single even bead. Ease of use is improved by an angular tip, which doubles up as a spreader and allows glue to be spread into corners. Furthermore, an all-in-one system prevents lost and clogging caps, removing the frustration of many woodworkers.

“Many professionals have welcomed the new design and we are confident that it will be equally loved by the rest of the market,” says Heidi.

After trying out the new nozzle, Herman Potgieter of the Witwatersrand Woodworking Association observed that it performs much better than the traditional round spout. “It is self-sealing, and one does not have the hassle of cleaning out the spout each time you have dispensed some glue,” explains Herman. “The shape of the glue nozzle is more appropriate to most applications in woodworking. I also believe that one would be able to control the amount and shape of the of glue line better.”

Buster Tinsley from Mercury School of Woodwork in Cape Town concurs and comments that he, “loves the simplicity of the all in one system” as it makes his work much “simpler and faster.”

On his part, Ken Bullivant of KB Woodcrafters remarks that he likes the reduction in bead size, especially for smaller projects.

The new nozzle will enhance Alcolin’s range of wood glues, which have been improved throughout the years, getting stronger and removing harmful ingredients. Alcolin is the only manufacturer with a complete offering that covers all applications. These include Alcolin Fast Set Wood Glue, which dries clear and in half the time, dramatically reducing assembly time; Alcolin Ultra Wood Glue, an advanced PVA-polyurethane hybrid that is strong, waterproof and easy to use; and Alcolin Professional Wood Glue, the carpenter’s first choice adhesive as it is ideal for furniture assembly where rigid joints are required. “We are proud of the exclusive new design and this is the type of innovation one would expect of Alcolin, who started out as a small Cape Town operation 70 years ago and has become the bestselling wood glue in South Africa and the standard of excellence in woodworking,” says Heidi. “Alcolin is now available in over 20 countries worldwide, with our reactors running 24 hours a day to meet the demand.”