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Xena Chemicals pigment supplier

Xena Chemicals is your obvious choice for colour pigments and dispersions for all coatings applications.

Xena Chemicals, the brainchild of Dudley Horne was established some 10 years ago. Horne has an impressive CV in the plastics and polymer industry. This starts at AECI then Plastomark, BASF – which included a two-year stint in Germany and First Chemicals. Horne left BASF and became a partner in First Chemicals, a multifaceted agency business that was sold a few years later to Crest Chemicals. Horne saw an opportunity to start a chemical business of his own and Xena Chemicals was born. Dudley’s son, Andrew has since joined the business too and his experience and knowledge of the pigment industry has proved invaluable to Xena.

Xena Chemicals represents key international companies, namely Sudarshan India, Black Diamond Material Science Company China and Asha Penn Colour – an India/USA joint venture.

Sudarshan is a 2 000 strong employee company based in Pune, India and represents in 85 countries, develops and produces a range of high quality organic and inorganic pigments and effect pigments for the plastics, coatings, inks, cosmetics and specialty industries making them a leading worldwide colour solutions company. Its research and development facilities are world class ensuring the highest quality products are available to the market, coupled with ongoing product development and improvement.

On the coatings front, Sudarshan offer a wide range of pigments. Its range of high performance organic, inorganic and effect pigments offer formulators choice without compromise, all from just one supplier.

Sudarshan pigments including Sudacolour, Sudafast and Sudaperm, which have been carefully selected to provide a wide spectrum of chemistries, colours and effects for decorative and industrial paints and coatings. They are ideal for use in universal colourants for in-plant and in-store tinting systems, and in solvent and water based dispersions or finished paints.

Sudarshan also supply Sudadur lead chromate yellow and molybdate orange pigments.

Black Diamond Material Science Company based in Hefei City China is a manufacturer of pigment Carbon Black. Carbon black is pigment that is used in coatings, paints, inks and plastics. Pigment carbon black can also provide functions of conductivity, electrostatic shielding against UV and preventing resin aging in many applications Asha Penn Color (APC) based in Mumbai India, is a manufacturer of pigment dispersions and colour concentrates. The company is a joint venture between Asha Dispersions in India and Penn Colour Inc. based in USA.

Asha Dispersions is a major manufacturer of colour chips and dispersions for printing inks, paints, wood lacquer and cosmetics with distribution channels in India, Africa, The Far East, Middle East and Europe.

Penn Colour is a leading international supplier of colour dispersions and colour concentrates for the plastics, coating and printing inks marketplace with manufacturing facilities in the USA and Europe.

APC manufactures a wide range of standard and customised pigmented dispersions/colour concentrates in dry and liquid forms, in various resin systems, for industries such as packaging and jet inks, automotive, wood, industrial and specialty coatings, PVC sheet, film and compounds, wall covering and flooring, fibres, specialty thermoplastics. All products are marketed under the ‘Colourplus’ brand.

Being sole representatives of the above companies in South Africa, Xena Chemicals is your obvious choice for colour pigments and dispersions for all coatings applications.

For more information call Dudley or Andrew Horne on 011-462-5600



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