A new paint retail brand to hit the local market

Paint retail store

Paint Trend ‘n Trade is centered on being a ‘specialty paint store’ destination whilst also stocking décor products for walls, floors and ceilings.

When reviewing the retail sector, it is evident that most retail brands and general dealer hardware stores, including Essential Hardware sees trade paint products as just another commodity, with very little attention paid to specialisation.

Paint Trend ‘n Trade is centered on being a ‘specialty paint store’ destination whilst also stocking décor products for walls, floors and ceilings.

There are many independent, specialty paint stores that the Essential Hardware Group believe would benefit substantially from joining a value adding national brand where it retains 100% control of its business.

An industry first: Growth Guarantee

The Essential Hardware Group is so confident in its business model and support personnel, that it offers a growth guarantee to new members. Should the store not achieve the projected growth (minimum 10%), it will refund members its first year’s membership fees – an industry first (T’s & C’s do apply).

The Essential Hardware Group’s business model has achieved growth for 12 consecutive years and Paint Trend ‘n Trade will run on the same principles. The Group understands independent hardware retailers and is known to add value without corporate interference. Its ever increasing membership, currently over 280 stores, and winning the DIY and Industrial Trade News, ‘Hardware Retailer of the Year’ Award, Gold in 2016 and Silver in 2015, a track record the Group is very proud of.

Paint Trend ‘n Trade Private Label Program

The retail brand will offer a Private Label Paint range. This will include well positioned quality products with extended guarantees to offer members an opportunity to make healthy margins. This allows members to offer its customers great value for money. Chip stands and colour chips will be provided to participating stores. It also offers great deals for paint equipment on a store by store basis. In addition to its high-quality standards, the Group is backed by a major manufacturer and carries a unique value proposition, which will be announced before the official launch.

Vision: Paint Trend ‘n Trade

Its vision is to create an effective business solution for independent retailers under the banner of a ‘voluntary trading group’, to trade competitively in decorative, industrial, automotive and wood finish sectors, including design and décor categories of the market whilst retailers maintain its independence.

Organisation and management

The organisation is managed centrally via head office based in Johannesburg. Teams of expert business consultants support the regions. The Essential Hardware Group has a group of retail specialists who will assist in retail related functions and continually learn from the diversity, as well as many unique challenges its Members face. Together, members and the team of expert business consultants create custom solutions to solve challenges. In support of this, the Group has an internal buying/negotiation department and effective marketing solutions.

Trade enquiries

The Essential Hardware Group is actively looking for members that are suitably matched to the following criteria:

  • Independent specialty paint store destination
  • Wants to retain 100% control of its business (this is not a franchise)
  • Wants to be part of building the group’s national brand identity footprint
  • Retain direct supplier accounts
  • Wants access to operational, buying, human resources and marketing support.

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