A bolder, brighter, better Build it

Build it new branding

Build it has refreshed and modernised its brand to be bolder, brighter and better.

2018 Build it annual convention was built around much exhilaration and this exciting event was held in October and at the magnificent Sun City. The four-day convention was a great success with a record number of over 850 delegates, including special guests, employees, retailers and suppliers in attendance. The excitement for this year’s event was centred around a promising ‘big reveal’ and this impressive venue was the perfect platform for such an unveiling. The launch of Build it’s new brand identity has made an impact which will certainly take the Group into a new era of building materials and hardware retailing, with the added focus on DIY, new concepts and finishes for a broader market appeal.

In his opening address, Wayne Hook, managing director for Build it said, “The key to the Group’s success will be an attitude of boldness, and that is how we will approach business going forward.”

Earlier in the year, Build it adopted a revised group strategy, which was drafted out of extensive consumer research. This showed that the Group is well-represented in the rural market but underrepresented in urban areas. Also, Build it is seen as strong in the wet trade, but weaker in finishes. The brand didn’t really differentiate itself, meaning Build it wasn’t as well-recognised as a brand, particularly in the urban areas.

It was clear from the research that it was time for Build it to relook at its corporate identity. The new Build it logo was revealed by Wayne Hook, who described it as, ‘bolder, brighter, better’. Wayne stated, “The new identity is distinctive yet flexible and will certainly resolve some of the issues the Group had with regard to execution and the brand not differentiating itself enough.”
“The new logo is a lot simpler than the original one. It is also certain that Build it wants to own the colour red. Modernising the look is important and I am excited about the strong, clean new look we have adopted. However, we must always remember, the biggest flag one can carry for the Group, is how we conduct ourselves in our stores, Distribution Centres, the regions, with our staff and even with our friends and family.”

“Our customers’ profile and needs have changed considerably over the past decade. They are aspirational, looking for an experience that is modern, vibrant and exciting. Our brand therefore, needed a broader marketing appeal,” said Ray Whitmore, Build it’s Group retail operations director. His presentation focused on the store image, its people and communities, all working together to create an exceptional customer experience.

To attract a broader market, Build it has introduced three formats: Build it, Build it Plus and Build it DIY. This format choice allows retailers to mould their stores to suit their desired offering, based on selection of product categories, services and sizes.

Consistency is key for a successful corporate identity. Therefore a comprehensive corporate identity and brand standards manual has been put together by the Spar Group’s design and development team for all users of the identity. This outlines every aspect and application of Build it’s branding needs and must be strictly adhered to, in order to achieve and maintain the refreshed brand effect.

The second manual is the ‘Inside Out’ manual, which offers an insight into the methodologies and principles of store design and layout, as well as recommendations for in-store planning and fitting and fixture solutions.

“It is essentially a toolbox for members to use as a guide to personalise their stores so the message to the customer is consistent and most of all, trustworthy,” Whitmore concluded.

“The brand is the heart of any organisation and building it is not a simple task. Brands promote themselves visually through a strong identity and backed by powerful marketing and relevant advertising,” said Rob Lister, Build it’s Group marketing director. He went on to present a new and refreshed marketing campaign to help further differentiate themselves in their market.

With its new initiatives, positive energy and excitement, The Build it Group has positioned itself to elevate its brand to another level.