a.b.e. in full support of retail trade

Caption: Vehicles from a.b.e. have become exciting mobile advertisements to create brand awareness.

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals is, during its ‘70 Years of Quality’ campaign, providing unprecedented marketing support for the retail hardware trade. “The company has, in the past few months, introduced a host of exciting innovations to help boost the sales of our already popular product brands,” says Elrene Smuts, the company’s brand coordinator, adding, “Many of the a.b.e. promotional measures are pioneering concepts. They have been widely welcomed by retailers who have already reported dramatic increases in sales as a result of the a.b.e. initiatives.”

Some of the innovations now in force are:

  • The spectacular new branding of all a.b.e. vehicles means that the company’s brand name is graphically advertised on four wheels far and wide to increase brand awareness to consumers.
  • Significant improvements to the website HYPERLINK “http://www.abe.co.za” www.abe.co.za are motivating the consumer to rush to his or her nearest retailer.
  • The company’s product brands are now advertised in the trolleys and shopping baskets of a leading hardware chain. “With this type of advertising, the customer finds it hard to ignore and influence their decision to buy a.b.e. products,” Smuts explains. “We intend expanding this type of in-store advertising this year.”
  • Exciting competitions for consumers. Entering has been made as simple as sending an sms to win fantastic prizes.
  • a.b.e. will be exhibiting its DIY range of products at this year’s Homemakers’ Expo in Johannesburg – the first time that the company will participate (with a.b.e.’s own experienced technical staff on hand) in a consumer exhibition to boost sales for its retailers.
  • a.b.e. has produced an attractive, improved DIY Product Guide booklet to help consumers at the retailers in selecting the correct product for home applications. The company’s product literature and general point-of-sale material has also never looked more striking.

The company’s Pimp My Store promotion is continually being expanded and, in the process, is transforming unexciting in-store displays to compelling, spectacular blazes of red, to help stores add value to their customers’ overall shopping experience. “Retailers are vital partners in the drive to improve our performance even further in future – and we intend catering for their needs,” she concludes.