′Silent salesman′ simplifies paint colour tinting

Duram colour tinting

The second version of the Duram Colour Wall is currently being installed in leading hardware stores across the country.

Duram recently launched an innovative new Colour Tinting solution. Francois Swart, Duram sales director sat down for a Q&A to tell us more about it.

Q: Duram has recently launched an innovative new Colour Tinting solution – can you tell the industry more about it? 

The second version of our Colour Wall is currently being installed in leading hardware stores and is the result of careful analysis of consumer behaviour when buying colour. We have also worked closely with retailers in understanding their needs and what they felt current colour systems (including our first version) were lacking, in helping them service their customers quickly, effectively and profitably.

The outcome of four years of consumer analysis, colour curation and business case building by colour, resulted in the new generation Duram ‘Lifestyle’ Colour Wall, that incorporates the newly launched Habitat Colour Collection. This curated palette of 90 beautiful designer colours for the contemporary home, is available in 90ml factory tinted colour samples that are displayed as part of the new colour wall.

Q: How does the new colour wall work and how does it benefit the retailer and end consumer? 

The colour wall basically works as a salesman and benefits both the retailer and consumer. The new colour wall is much more than a colour wall and is actually a silent salesman and colour display where colour choice is simplified, and the following issues are addressed: 

  • The first part was to address the question around pastel, deep and clear bases which has never been explained to consumers
  • Shoppers come to the store to choose a colour and want to buy a product in the finish and quality level they prefer
  • Never before have they been able to connect colour, finish, quality level and price in one simple-to-use process that does not require the salesperson to run off to a tinting machine to quote the customer on each permutation of colour and product
  • The next challenge was to simplify colour choice to the consumer, as most colour walls offer around 1 500 overwhelming colour choices to consumers
  • The new curated Habitat Colour Collection of 90 colours dramatically simplifies the colour choice for the consumer who doesn’t have to wait in a queue at the tinting counter to get colour samples mixed, which can often result in inaccurate matches due to small tint volumes
  • Lastly, we effectively bring it all together by giving the consumer the ability to choose their own product and colour while having all the decision-making factors instantly available
  • The new colour wall answers all these questions in one place and allows the consumer to make a fully informed decision, right down to a suggested purchase price they are going to pay for the product tinted to the colour of their choice.
  • There are multiple benefits for the retailers:
    • Consumers can answer most of the questions themselves and therefore free up the stores’ sales staff to answer more technical questions consumers may have and also dramatically improves customer service turnaround time
    • The suggested selling prices indicated on the colour walls allow the consumer to get an excellent deal while enabling the retailer to make industry leading margins in store
    • This system also vastly reduces the risk of colourant theft in store, as the tint base is sold including an allowance for the cost of colouration
    • The retailer’s tint machines are now used to sell final tinted products rather than have frustrated shoppers, who have made their final purchase decision, waiting behind a shopper who is still asking the retailer to tint five or six small samples in store
    • The 3D Habitat Colour Collection blocks visually display the impact of light and shadows on colour perception, thereby reducing comebacks to retailers by consumers unsure of the impact
    • The recommended retail price guide included on the Colour Wall gives the retailer the opportunity to instantly provide a quote to the consumer for their purchase by product per colour while maximising sell-through, margin and return on investment.

This modern colour wall is much more than just a beautiful wall with 90 new colours – it addresses the needs of both the consumer and retailers, stimulates further growth of the Duram brand in the decorative space, while significantly simplifying the customer journey when buying colour.

Q: Duram recently launched the ColorPro stir-in paint colour and we now also see 250ml WallTech colour samples being made available. Where do they fit in given this new development?

Duram ColorPro was launched in 2017 and has had tremendous success in making colour available to shoppers who are either in a rush or consumers who shop at stores that do not offer colour tinting machines and colour walls.

The whole idea behind ColorPro is to help retailers reduce their inventory on each product by carrying fewer standard colours, as colours can be tinted with ColorPro from white Duram paint. ColorPro is also extremely cost effective to the consumer.

The new WallTech Colour Samples are available in 250ml pastel, deep and clear bases. These sample pots are for customers who choose colours from the stripe cards on the Duram Colour Wall and want to take a sample home with them.  Standard colours as well as Habitat Collection colours can also be tinted into the WallTech colour samples. Each colour from the Habitat Colour Collection is available for purchase in a convenient and affordable 90ml low sheen colour sample that has been factory tinted for improved colour accuracy.

“We believe that all these simple solutions combined, significantly simplifies the customer journey, while reducing stock for the hardware store, and aids them in being able to serve their customers more effectively.

“We would like to give special thanks to all our retailers and suppliers who helped us in the journey of creating all these new colour solutions. We believe it will prove to be a game changer.